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Rockmount Ranch Wear Vintage Western Cowboy Poster (5 Styles)


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Good stuff has a story. These colorful advertising posters from the early 1950s were commissioned by "Papa Jack" to promote the Rockmount brand at retailers around the country. While researching his "Western Shirt" book in 2002, Steve Weil (Rockmount 3rd generation), found one in a collection in Costa Mesa, California, and featured it in the book. It was not for sale, though Steve lusted for it madly!

As luck would have it, during the 2005 renovation of the 1909 Rockmount building in Denver, Steve uncovered a cache of the original artwork in four colors. It had lain hidden between a cabinet and the wall in "Papa Jack’s" office for several decades. Later, while doing a book signing in Denver, a woman in her 80s brought a 5th color. She was the artist, Sue Herzel Shapiro, who originally drew it as a fledgling graphic artist in the 1950s.

These designs are extremely rare. In over 40 years of collecting and archiving Rockmount products and memorabilia, Steve has only seen six originals, four of which are in our archive. Once, they once were in hundreds of stores across the country.

The market for Americana is strong, and Rockmount vintage products and memorabilia are highly collectable. Museums and collectors have them, and now you can, too. High-quality archival print, 24" x 36". Made in USA.

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