Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck Rocking a Shadow Plaid Rockmount Shirt

We love it when our alert fans send us pics of celebs in ROCKMOUNT!  Robin M., a NY textile exec sent this saying "Always have my eyes peeled for Rockmount in the wild!"   Apparently its Ben and his daughter Seraphina.   

Its always a thrill when celebrities wear something they like and it happens to be Rockmount.  There is a deep satisfaction when creative artists validate our brand.  Ben is wearing our signature shadow plaid No. 693. This means a lot because it is one of longest running designs.

We are talking BEN AFFLECK! How did he get the shirt?  Who cares? Hey he’s got two Academy Awards, a zillion films... Married to Jennifer Garner, Jlo (not at once)...

What film is your favorite? Arlo, Good Will Hunting, Shakespeare in Love, He’s Just Not That Into You, played Clark Kent and Batman, Jack Ryan and an accountant...




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