The Denver Post - Clothier Salute Steals Curious Show

Clothier salute steals Curious show

By Bill Husted


The Curious Theatre Company presented four short plays Wednesday night — each a 15-minute salute to a formidable Denverite.

The fantastic four were political powerhouse Elbra Wedgeworth, 107-year-old Rockmount Ranch Wear CEO Papa Jack Weil, Denver Art Museum CEO Lewis Sharp and Cuba Cuba restaurant owner Kristy Socarras Bigelow.

The standout play was for Papa Jack, who sat in the front row with grandson Steve Weil.

Playwright Steven Cole Hughes created 107 really short plays, racing through Papa Jack's life. It was touching, humble, funny and smart. And Michael Morgan as Weil was a wonder, capturing the legend's gentle ways, humor and posture.

The best lines from Papa Jack in the play: "People say I have an amazing memory for a man my age. And I say, 'Who the heck is going to contradict me?' "

On Wal-Mart's Sam Walton, not much to say, "other than he was a hillbilly (SOB)."

And what about all the pretty girls who come into the store these days to kiss him and pose with him for pictures? "Where were you girls when I was your age?"

Said Steve, "My grandfather is a hard act to replicate, and they did it very sensitively. I was very impressed."

So were we all.


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