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Parker: Musicians dig the pearl snaps


James Walbourne of the Pretenders rocks a shirt from Rockmount Ranch Wear.


By PENNY PARKER | | The Denver Post

PUBLISHED: August 26, 2009 at 2:43 pm | UPDATED: May 6, 2016 at 8:27 pm


Musically speaking, Rockmount Ranch Wear rocks. The Wazee Street retail outlet, which started as a warehouse facility 63 years ago, has evolved into the go-to store for famous faces.

“This summer, we were visited by the Conchords and Ramblin’ Jack Elliott,” said Rockmount owner Steve Weil. “In the last week, Jack Whiteof the Dead Underground shopped Rockmount. Jack was formerly with the White Stripes and Raconteurs. He is featured with Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton in the new movie ‘It Will Be Loud.’ “

Rockmount started its retail biz online in 2001 in honor of founder Jack A. Weil’s 100th birthday. The following year, it launched a small retail area, then grew to a full-blown retail outlet in 2005 when the Weil family renovated the building at 1626 Wazee St.

This year, Rockmount also has been visited twice by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees the Pretenders and, more recently, Green Day.

Among the Pretenders, Eric Heywood bought a classic shadow plaid shirt, and Nick Wilkinson and James Walbourne wore black saddle-stitch shirts on stage.

Why is the rock-‘n’-roll world buying Rockmount clothing?

“Beats me,” Weil said. “I guess we are lucky. My grandfather and father were all about creating a distinct look with a Western identity. I look at what we do as pure Americana.

“Somewhere along the way, certain celebrities found us. People like the story and the product. We are not about trends that change with the wind. Rockmount is about classic design, which speaks to people across all borders, at all ages, such as rock ‘n’ roll.”

We’re No. 10.

What would Denver’s music scene look or sound like without Red Rocks? Good thing we don’t have to find out.

Because of Red Rocks, Denver made No. 10 on the Society of American Travel Writers’ Top 10 best North American cities for live music.

The SATW is the world’s largest organization of professional travel journalists and photographers. Among the comments on Denver:

“Red Rocks is the most visually stunning outdoor amphitheatre in the country, maybe the world,” said freelance travel writer Ted Alan Stedman.

“A concert at Red Rocks should be on everyone’s bucket list. . . . Red Rocks is one of a kind,” said freelance writer Kim McHugh.


Is your name Dave, David or Davy? Score! On Sunday, you’ll get a free entree (up to a $15 value) at Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que locations in Stapleton (7557 E. 36th Ave.), Thornton (16539 Washington St.) or Colorado Springs (8330 Razorback Road).

The barbecue chain is celebrating 15 years in finger-lickin’ business in honor of founder “Famous Dave” Anderson.

The seen.

Avalanche boss Pierre Lacroix coming out of Wells Fargo bank in Cherry Creek North on Tuesday.


on a man speaking to another man wearing a surgical mask and a Dodgers cap at the Rockies-Dodgers game Tuesday: “Are you concerned about swine flu?”

“No, this is my first visit to Denver, and I don’t want to catch altitude sickness.”

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