Chris Isaak

Honolulu Weekly

Nov. 23, 2011

Interview with Chris Issak

The first time I heard one of your songs, I was nine, sitting in a tractor with my dad. I’m pretty sure you and I had matching cowboy boots. They were red.

I’m confused. Is this your first question? This is tough. Like eating coffee with a fork. Okay……uh…… let me give it a shot. Number 1: Yes. OIL or any household lubricant can be used, taking care not to damage the O-ring or the reputation and following each movement with a “Hi! How do you do?”

Oh yeah, hi Chris! What’s up? I think you need your own line of clothing. Like snap shirts for hipsters?

I love snap shirts. I always stop at Rockmount Ranch Wear when I’m in Denver and end up buying a bunch of cowboy shirts. I guess my taste in shirts has been the same since I was a kid.

Chris Isaak with Otis and Anne Taylor at the Chesapeake Bay Blues Festival. Otis is wearing Rockmount shirt #6799.We have become friends with Chris over the years because of his regular stops at Rockmount when his tour brings him through Denver. He invites us to the concerts, all of which are memorable. You may not know that he does double duty in the creative department; he is also a graphic artist and does some of his cover art and t-shirts. 

Chris Isaak visited Rockmount a few times while on tour in Colorado. He takes his wardrobe seriously and shopped hard. The band joined him on one of the visits. He played outdoors and we loved the concert. He really speaks to the audience. It's not often that you meet someone famous who is such a genuinely nice person. A very creative guy, he does it all from writing the music to designing his suits. 

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