Our Story

The Beginning:


Jack A Weil, born in 1901, grew up a real cowboy. Attending rodeos and being in the industry, Jack saw firsthand bull riders tearing their shirts on the horns of the bull while riding. It sparked an idea... if you have a western shirt with snaps instead of buttons, when a bull’s horn gets caught in the rider’s shirt it will unsnap rather than rip through the material.

His idea came to fruition in 1946, when Jack purchased a 5-story building in lower downtown Denver and founded Rockmount Ranch Wear Manufacturing Company; selling his signature design of Western shirts with sawtooth pockets and pearl diamond snaps, amongst other western wear. Rockmount still operates out of the building to this day.  


Rockmount becomes a family business:



Jack B Weil joined the firm in 1954, he headed design and merchandising for fifty years. Jack B. was one of the first to introduce Western fashion east of the Mississippi.

Steve Weil joined in 1981, officially making Rockmount a three generation business. Steve expanded the business internationally and later took over design. Three generations of the Weil family represent the evolution of the Western business from regional, to national to international.

"Papa Jack didn’t just create a new kind of shirt, he started a whole new fashion. He gave those who identify with the American Western way of life a style tailored specifically for them. Rockmount stands out from other fashion companies because we have maintained a consistency of design across four generations. We go our own direction and don’t look to other brands for our inspiration."  — Steve Weil. 




Current Day:

Rockmount Ranch Wear operates and ships to 100's of retailers around the world. The company still produces multiple styles that Jack A created over 50 years ago such as style No.640, No.6755 & No.621

in the early 2000's Rockmount customers started knocking at the door asking if they could purchase a shirt and we would kindly point them to a store nearby that sells our merchandise. Eventually it happened often enough that Rockmount decided to open its doors to the public with its very own flagship retail store on the first floor of the original building in Denver, Colorado.


Not long after that, Rockmount Ranch Wear launched its very own website, Rockmount.com,  creating the availability for everyone to purchase a Rockmount product at a moments notice around the globe.