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Rockmount Ranch Wear Original 1940s Headquarters Wood Western Sign


Style No: SIGN-.
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This was "Papa Jack's" original Rockmount artwork from the 1940s. These limited-edition wooden signs were created for the stores around the country that carry Rockmount. Some remain in use in the stores that have carried Rockmount over the decades, and now you can own one, too. Papa Jack signed this sign at age 100, and it is numbered.

This sign is extremely rare. We found a few in our warehouse in storage over 70 years ago. Only occasionally do they come up at auction, rarely, because those who have them --- keep them.

The market for Americana is strong, and Rockmount vintage products and memorabilia are highly collectable. Museums and collectors have them, and now you can, too. High-quality natural wood sign, 72" x 16". Signed by "Papa Jack" and numbered. Made in USA.

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