Rocky Mountain News - Rockmount Heir Got Heads-Up About Democratic Convention

Rockmount heir got heads-up about Democratic convention.

Jan. 17, 2007
by Penny Parker

Rockmount Ranchwear heir Steve Weil may have been the first to know that the Dems had chosen Denver for their 2008 National Convention.

Three weeks prior to the announcement by national party Chairman Howard Dean, Weil got a call from an unnamed Democratic "inner circle" source ordering a Rockmount signature snap shirt. That person said he/she was buying the shirt because Denver was landing the convention.

On Thursday, the day that Denver got the Democratic nod, a New York Times reporter was using his nose for news around LoDo when he wandered into Rockmount.

Weil, lunching at the private men's place The Cactus Club, got a call from an employee saying that the Times was asking about the store.

Weil met the reporter and later that day The New York Times posted a story on its Web site quoting wily Weil's shirt story.

"We're always the poster child of the stock show; now this is something bigger, " Weil said


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