Rockmount’s Pledge to be Eco-Friendly

The EPA estimates that world production of textiles was 16 million tons in 2015. Trendy fashions have a short life – a huge waste of resources including  agricultural production for natural fibers and industrial chemicals for synthetic ones. Many fabrics are not biodegradable. Vast resources used to package, ship, warehouse, market and sell the product.

Rockmount’s pledge is to produce products that have the longest life possible, with rugged construction and durable materials. We frequently hear from people who have enjoyed our shirts for decades and pass them down over generations. Most all our products are made from natural, biodegradable materials. 

Our sustainable efforts permeate Rockmount’s ethos.

We occupy a 1909 historic building built of heavy timbering and masonry that has lasted over 110 years. Where others demolish older buildings, we restored ours. (Our joke: we renovate every 50 years whether we need to or not.) Our 4 inch brick walls require less than energy to heat and cool. Our full glass storefront provides natural light, reducing electricity. Our restored (not replaced) windows throughout are weather tight, requiring less energy to heat and cool. We use evaporative cooling that requires vastly less energy than conventional A/C. Our new boiler is efficient. Solar energy provides 1/4 of our needs. We are centrally located near mass transit.

We follow Papa Jack’s footsteps by committing our entire business operation from manufacturing, warehousing, administration and sales to preservation of resources. We use led lighting, reuse office paper, and recycle hangers and shipping containers. We ship from Denver – a central location. Our warehouse is above our flagship store so no daily truck delivery to restock. 

This is not just good business. It saves trees and preserves air and water quality by using fewer resources. It helps keep costs down for our products and is better for the planet.


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