Le Monde

Top French newspaper Le Monde featured Rockmount in an article about Joe Biden, fashion and politics. Here are a few quotations, the full article and the English translation.

Le Monde, Saturday, January 23rd, 2021

"A Rockmount shirt in the USA is what Camembert is to France!"

Referring to President Biden wearing a Western shirt – "Many American presidents have worn our shirts. Ronald Reagan, George Bush...John Hickenlooper, former Denver Mayor, Governor of Colorado newly elected to the US Senate."

"The brand transcends the partisan cleavages, it is a symbol of unity like the American Flag."  Florence Muller, historian and curator of fashion and textiles, Denver Art Museum.

"The entire US Congressional Delegation – over 300 people – wore Rockmount at the Democratic National Convention. The same year we provided shirts to the Republican National Convention... We feel very fortunate to have a unifying influence, even more so today when the country is extremely polarized."

"Many western enthusiasts buy them, also Harley Davidson, country, rock and simply curious fans." – Dominique Baudry, Paris Boutique El Paso Booty, retailer of Rockmount since 1978.






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